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for Better Data Science

Set up your data science project in minutes and enjoy version control, simple sharing and editing of data sets for better collaboration.

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Efficient, Time- & Cost-Effective Data Science

Why Nextjournal?

Time & Cost Efficient

Simple setup without complicated or costly Data Science infrastructure.

Simple Collaboration

Supports collaborative editing with your team mates, automatic versioning and restore from history.

Cloud Computing

Powerful, customizable cloud computing: No need to set up and maintain hardware.

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Meet our users

Use Nextjournal for

Data Science

Bring in data from different sources (Upload, Amazon S3, Google Cloud, Github) and analyze them using the tools of your choice. Collaborate with your team members without conflicts or dependency hell.

Computational Research

Have your methods and their description live in the same document. GPU support and full control over your runtime environment enables you to run sophisticated scientific workflows and Machine Learning tasks.

Programming Tutorials

No more embedding static Gists into your Medium blog posts. Write executable code right next to your prose and give your audience a way to learn through experimentation.

Interactive Documentation

Import your packages or libraries directly into a Nextjournal notebook and provide runnable code samples along with sample data that can be shared and experimented with.

Everything Your Team Needs for Data Science

Get started with a free plan or check out our pricing page.